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What We Do

Setting the Standards

Support Services

If you have a concern or issue at your site please contact your site rep. If you don't know who your rep is contact our secretary.

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Community Development

WDEA: Teacher's Union for WUSD is proud to support teachers at every site.  We desire for teachers to feel included in descisions at their respective sites and district wide.

We are seeking ways to provide experiences that allow staff to bond.  Let us know what would work for you!

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Education & Outreach

WDEA: Teacher's Union for WUSD is truly passionate about transparency and problem solving that preserves relationships while making the best decisions for our teachers.  We want all of our teachers to be able to have crucial conversations and crucial confrontations while preserving relationships with admin, staff, students, and parents.

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About Us

Here at WDEA: Teacher's Union for WUSD, we’re committed to improving the lives of teachers in the Windsor Unified School District. We are committed to working hard to make sure teachers in our district are paid respectful wages with excellent benefits, that our schedules are reasonable, that our stipends are fair and attractive, and that our work environments are physically, and emotionally safe for all our teachers regardless of race, religion, gender, or political beliefs.

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